Annie Jr Cast List

Annie Jr Cast List

We are pleased to announce the  cast of Annie Jr.

Annie- Agatha McIntyre

Oliver Warbucks – Morgan Morris

Grace Farrell-Kaitlyn Herrick

Miss Hannigan-Tessa McCormick

Lily St. Regis- Jackie Derilo

Rooster Hannigan/Mr. Bundles-JT Lowry

Molly-Paloma Vargas

Pepper-Eva Perdigon

Duffy-Avery Morse

Kate-Jayden McConnell

Tessie-Lily Sharp

July-Olivia Ximines

Burt Healy /FDR- Mason Cleland

Sandy-Joelle McConnell

Apple Seller/Brownstone Man- Isaiah Janecek

Brownstone Lady-Gwyneth McIntyre

Dog Catcher/Louis Howe- Connor Sharp

Drake/Sound Effects Man- Spencer Sharp

Cecille/Boylan Sister- Audrey Gall

Annette- Malana Baez

Mrs Greer- Milena Archibold

Mrs Pugh- Sabrina Hinrichs

Star to be/Boylan Sister- Annabel Davis

Boylan Sister- Jenna McConnell

Usherette-Molly Comer

Radio Assistant- Kelly Williams

Lt. Ward-Alex Wallior

Orphan Chorus/Dancers- Delaney Adcock, Malana Baez, Kaiyah Bensor, Jamie Coleman, Molly Comer, Jenna Day, Alisha Foster, Audrey Gall, Sabrina Hinrichs, Gwyneth McIntyre, Jillian McCombs, Jenna McConnell, Joelle McConnell, Bella Sifuentes, Kate Smith,  Nia Villania,

Servants and New Yorkers- Milena Archibold, Malana Baez,  Mason Cleland, Jamie Coleman, Molly Comer, Jenna Day, Annabel Davis, Jackie Derilo, Alisha Foster, Audrey Gall, Sabrina Hinrichs, Isaiah Janecek,  JT Lowry, Jillian McCombs, Jenna McConnell, Spencer Sharp, Kate Smith, Kelly Williams,

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