Annie Jr. Character List

Annie Jr. Character List

Trying to decide which part to audition for in our upcoming production of Annie Jr? Here is a breakdown of roles we will be casting along with the vocal ranges required for lead parts. See you at auditions!!

ANNIE: age 11. Energetic, optimistic, street -wise orphan who never gives up hope that better days are ahead. Strong vocally and strong actress. (Voice Range: Low A to High F)

OLIVER WARBUCKS: Middle-aged billionaire, self-assured and confident. Posture, walk and speech patterns have to be more mature. Completely charmed by Annie. (Vocal Range: Baritone to High F)

GRACE FARRELL: Loyal and intelligent private secretary to Oliver Warbucks. She brings Annie and Warbucks together. (Vocal Range: Soprano to High G)

MISS HANNIGAN: The villainous director of the orphanage. Must play comedy well. More mature voice.
Has to change character from being mean to falsely loving in a split second. Likes to think of herself as a diva.
Loves to flirt. (Vocal Range: Alto A to D)

LILY ST. REGIS: Rooster’s airhead girlfriend. Looking good and money are all that matter to her. Comedy role with Brooklyn accent. (Vocal Range: Soprano to High G)

ROOSTER HANNIGAN: Miss Hannigan’s brother, flashy, self-assured. Moves smoothly in a gangster sort of way. Must be able to play off of Lily. They are a team. Comedy role with Brooklyn accent. (Vocal Range: Tenor to High G)

LEAD ORPHANS: Must have the ability to have mischievous fun with one another. (Vocal Range: Low A to High F)
MOLLY, age 6. Tiniest. Frightened (looks to Annie for mothering.)
KATE, age 7-8. Next smallest
TESSIE, age 9-11. Most emotional. Cries or laughs easily. Her phrase is “O, my goodness, O, my goodness.”
PEPPER, age 10-12. Toughest. Stands up for herself and defends everyone.
JULY, age 12-13. Quietest.
DUFFY, age 12-13. Tallest, most mature.

ORPHAN CHORUS: Age 5-12 (Vocal Range Low A to High F)

BERT HEALY: Head of the Oxydent radio show. He’s a scene-stealer. Has to be number one. (Vocal Range: Tenor to F#)

SANDY: Male dog which can be played by a tiny male or female student. Sings.

BUNDLES & McCLOSKEY: Laundry man. Character actor. Flirts with Miss Hannigan.

APPLE SELLER, DOG CATCHER: No solo singing but dialogue with Annie.

MANSION STAFF (all must be strong singers)
DRAKE. English butler, head servant. Ideally, should be tall enough to carry Annie.
CECILLE & ANNETTE. French maids. Could be dancers in addition to singers.
MRS. GREER Head housekeeper.
MRS. PUGH (pronounced “pew”). Cook.

STAR-TO-BE: Solo in NYC. A young “Grace Farrell.”

USHERETTES: Small solos in NYC

BERT HEALY’S GIRLS: Three harmonizing voices on his radio show.

RADIO ANNOUNCER: Has to have professional sounding speaking voice and manner.

SOUND EFFECTS MAN: Be able to handle old-fashioned sound effects props, comedian.

PRESIDENT FDR: Must look mature, be comfortable in a wheelchair and be able to imitate President
Roosevelt’s voice and mannerisms.

LOUIS HOWE: FDR’s assistant.

LT. WARD (Policeman): No solo singing.


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