Audition Info-Thoroughly Modern Millie

Audition Info-Thoroughly Modern Millie

Here is a message from our Thoroughly Modern Millie Director, Doug Wozny:

THANK YOU all for your messages and questions about Thoroughly Modern Millie. Feel free to message us at any time! I would like to take a moment to clear up a few of the more recent and common questions…

Auditions will be held on Monday and Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm. You may audition on either day, your choice. You do NOT need to be there both days. We ask that you arrive as close to 4pm as possible. Auditions will be completed on a first come, first serve basis. If we run out of time on Monday, remaining auditions will be asked to return on Wednesday.

During auditions, you will read, sing and discuss skills and concepts with the committee. Please be 100% honest with the directors about your interest in a specific role and your willingness to accept alternate roles. There are many lead and supporting roles in this show and they are ALL fun, skill building, and will incorporate the actor into multiple scenes.

Callbacks will be held on Thursday from 4pm to 6pm. A callback list will be
posted Wednesday night. Callbacks DO NOT indicate that someone is “in or out”. Callbacks are simply a way for the directors to further analyze applicants in different cast positions, as well as to further evaluate dance, ensemble, harmony, and character interaction.

An example of what the directors might need for callbacks would be… Let’s say we have 2 possible “Millie’s” and 4 possible “Jimmy’s”. We would ask each pair to read together, then evaluate the interaction and chemistry between those people. The music director may want to have everyone sing together so that he can get a list of who might be best suited for each different ensemble. Choreographers may look at the group for dance and movement, while they formulate lists of cast members for specific scenes.

The final cast list will be posted on Saturday.

Orientation (cast and parents) will be held the following Monday (11/23) at 4pm. During orientation, we will complete some paperwork, fees, and discuss the show, expectations, schedules and get to know each other.

Wednesday (11/25) is the day before Thanksgiving. We understand that some families may be leaving town, getting ready for the holiday, or have other commitments. Rehearsal on 11/25 is NOT required but we will be there for anyone who is available and wishes to come in and get a jump start on their role. We may watch some video clips, discuss characters, era, clothing, sets, and anything else that comes to mind. It is a free form and informal day and hope that as many as possible can join us.

See you all at auditions!!!

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