Auditions-Bye Bye Birdie

Auditions-Bye Bye Birdie

Inland Regional Youth Theatre will be holding auditions for their fall production of Bye Bye Birdie. A loving send-up of the 1960s, small-town America, teenagers, and rock & roll, BYE BYE BIRDIE remains as fresh and vibrant as ever. Teen heartthrob Conrad Birdie has been drafted, so he chooses All-American girl Kim MacAfee for a very public farewell kiss. Featuring a tuneful high-energy score and a hilarious script, BIRDIE continues to thrill audiences around the world.

All roles are open and we will be casting students ages 7-20 for this production. Auditions will be held on Mon. August 14th and Wed. August 16th from 4-6 pm at First Baptist Church 5500 Alessandro Blvd., Riverside. Callbacks will be on Thurs. August 17th at 3:30pm. Rehearsals will be held on Mon., Wed. and Thurs. from 4:00-6:00pm beginning the week of August 21st. Some Saturday rehearsals may be scheduled with advance notice. Performances will be November 17-19 in Riverside.

No appointment is necessary. Be prepared to sing approximately one minute of a pop/rock number from the 50s/60s era in the style of the show, or any number from a Broadway musical. Please bring a CD or portable music player with your karaoke background track for the audition. No a Capella singing. Bring your performing resume and headshot.

Registration Fees for our production are as follows:
$250 per cast member (includes script, cast t-shirt, photo CD)
$200 for 2nd+ family members (no photo CD included).
Registration Fees are due at callbacks.

Production Team
Producer, Brian Sharp
Kami Martin, Director
Connor Warren Smith, Music Director
Radames & Stacey Montes, Choreographers


ALBERT PETERSON: (Tenor) Our stories central character. nervous, high-strung president of Almalou Records. Strong vocalist with comedic timing. Carries the shows main action.

ROSE ALVAREZ:(Alto) Rose is Alberts secretary but would like to adjust his title from “Employer” to “Hubby”. That was always the plan, but time seems to have slipped away. The role of Rose requires someone who can display a truly strong spirit both in dialogue and vocals.

CONRAD BIRDIE: (Baritone) He’s an “Elvis type” rock star and his physicality should show that, especially when he is singing (which he does a lot). When he is not performing, he is rude, arrogant, disrespectful, and shows little regard for others. We need to see both sides of his personality.

KIM MacAfee (Soprano): She is the president of the Conrad Birdie Fan Club. Through random chance she is chosen to give Conrad his final kiss before leaving to join the Army. She needs to come across as your typical all American teenage girl from the 50’s. If you seek to fill this role you need solid vocals.

DORIS MacAfee (Alto) Mrs MacAfee is a solid role. She has a wonderful scene with her daughter at the beginning of the show. It is funny to watch her become as big of a fan of Birdie as her daughter is. Comedic and must be able to hold a harmony part.

HARRY MacAfee (Tenor) He has some great comedic scenes in which he has the potential to leave the audience in stitches. He starts the funny and iconic song “Ed Sullivan”. Must be able to handle the vocals and character gusto!

MRS. MAE PETERSON (Alto) Potentially the most hyserical role is the show. Alberts mother is sterotypically over protective. Every scene in which she appears presents Mae unabashedly working to guilt trip her poor son. Mrs Peterson is sold via the read in acting auditions. She’s a character role so go a little crazy, take risks! She’s a wonderful character who commands volumes of laughter from the audience. Have fun!

HUGO PEABODY (Speaking role) Hugo is Kim’s understandably frustrated boyfriend. How would you feel if your girlfriend is about to kiss the biggest rockstar in America? Hugo is a great role for the right actor. He has solid stage time and enjoys command of a couple a humorous moments. He’s the prototypical teenage guy from the 1950″s.

URSULA MERKLE (MEZZO) Kims best friend. Her excitement level on a scale of one to ten is TWELVE. Supporting charactor with wonderful moments. She’s quirky, high-energy and bursting with vitality.

RANDOLPH MacAfee (Tenor) Kims younger brother. Overlooked a bit. Doesn’t get much respect. Not a huge role but a visible one. Should not be played shy at all. Line delivery is important as well as a voice that can carry pitch. He has a small solo.

MAYOR: He”s the Mayor of Sweet Apple Ohio. Fits the bill as a big fish in a small town.

EDNA: The mayors wife. Small role but she does have a funny bit in the show when Conrad begins to sing during Sweet Apple’s welcoming ceremony.

GLORIA RASPUTIN (Soprano) Mrs Petersons choice to replace Rose. Forceful and broad. Character performance.

CHARLES F. MAUDE – Proprietor of Maude’s Roadside Retreat. Decent Guy.

TEEN/ADULT CHORUS: Several named character parts. The teen chorus is a very IMPORTANT part of the show. LOTS of dancing and singing parts. The adult chorus (by adult I mean teens playing adults) appears in the majority of the ensemble numbers. Some of the charactors in both choruses have a line or two. We will also be looking for strong adult chorus singers who can be part of the male quartet at Maude’s Roadside Retreat.

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