Cast List~Thoroughly Modern Millie

Cast List~Thoroughly Modern Millie

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We are pleased and excited to announce the Cast for our production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Performances will be the week of February 19th-21st….Mark your calendars!!

Millie Dillmount- Tessa McCormick
Jimmy Smith- Joel Martinez
Miss Dorothy Brown- Audrey Gall
Mrs. Meers- Georgia Kate
Ching Ho- JT Lowry
Bun Foo- Jackie Derilo
Mr. Trevor Graydon- Morgan Morris
Muzzy Van Hossmere- Danylle Gallo
Miss Flannery- Andrea Leon
Alice- Megan Morris
Gloria- Mollie Comer
Ruth- Kelly Williams
Rita- Victoria Field
Cora- Eva Perdigon
Ethel Peas- Annabel Davis
Lucille- Elizabeth Allen
Muzzy’s Party Guests- Alisha Foster, Kelly Williams, Brianna Wyman
Rodney- Jack Townsend
Kenneth- Hunter Turzer
George Gershwin- Connor Sharp
Policeman- David Wozny
Mathilde- Delaney Smith
Dorothy Parker- Eva Perdigon
Daphne- Brianna Wyman
Dishwasher- David Wozny
Dexter- Connor Sharp
New Modern- Guest cameo TBA
Mama- Guest cameo TBA

Speed Tappists- Annabel, Davis, Alisha Foster, Megan Morris, Kate Smith, Kelly Williams

Office Clerks- Jenna Day, Jack Townsend, Hunter Turzer, Brianna Wyman

Denizens- Elizabeth Allen, Annabel Davis, Jenna Day, Victoria Field, Alisha Foster, Eva Perdigon, Connor Sharp, Delaney Smith, Kate Smith, Jack Townsend, Hunter Turzer, Brianna Wyman

Party Guests- Jenna Day, Victoria Field, Andrea Leon, JT Lowry, Delaney Smith, Kate Smith, David Wozny

Muzzy’s Girls- Andrea Leon, Megan Morris

Cafe Diners- Delaney Smith, Jack Townsend

Directors reserve the right to make changes at their discretion.

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