No experience is required to audition. Most of our students learn through participation.

Solo auditions only. No duet or group auditions.

You will be auditioning for the Audition Committee, generally about 4-5 people.

Come prepared if you want to be considered for a role.

Project so the judges can hear your beautiful voice. Do not sing uncontrollably (scream sing).

Strategize Your Music Selection. Avoid the trendy (what is currently popular) as many will sing those same songs. The goal is to stand out in the crowd. Broadway and Disney songs are preferred for auditions. Avoid Country and Pop songs.

You are responsible to bring your own Karaoke background track. iTunes is the best inexpensive source for purchasing songs.

Enter with a smile and do your best. We’ve been on the audition side too. We are looking for potential, not perfection.

Make a good impression and show that you care about your craft. Dress nicely for your audition. Wear something distinctive so the Audition Committee will remember you.

Bring your performance resume and headshot. This is standard for auditions and a part of the educational process of theatre. Even if you are new to theatre, please gather your performing experience from school and church activities, along with piano/voice/dance lessons.


Research the musical you are auditioning for. Read up on the musical on Wikipedia or watch the musical movie version. Get acquainted with the roles. Do any of the roles have any casting limitations (height, weight, age, male/female, ethnicity)? Do you realistically fit the roles that you would like?

Our Audition Committee reserves the right to not cast students/families that have had trouble completing their previous commitment to an IRYT production. This includes consistent tardiness and late arrivals, behavior problems, and students who quit a production in the midst of rehearsals.