Seussical Cast List

Seussical Cast List


We are pleased and excited to announce the Cast for our production of Seussical. Performances will be the weekend of November 6-8….Mark your calendars!!

Cat in the Hat- Georgia Kate
Horton the Elephant- Morgan Morris
JoJo- Katie Campbell
Gertrude McFuzz- Haley DeLacy
Mayzie Labird- Tessa McCormick
Mr. Mayor- Kenson Gomez
Mrs. Mayor- Agatha McIntyre
Sour Kangaroo- Danylle Gallo
Young Kangaroo- Nia Villania
Bird Girls- Elizabeth Allen, Courtney Barnes, Audrey Gall, Avery Morse
Wickersham Brothers- Mason Cleland, Alisha Foster, Megan Morris, Hunter Turzer
Thing 1- Jayden McConnell
Thing 2- Lily Sharp
General Gengus Khan Schmitz- Alex Wallior
Yertle the Turtle- Ryan Hemmerling
Vlad Vladikoff- Joel Allen
Cindy Lou Who- Delaney Adcock
Elephant Bird- Lincoln Montes

The Whos/Cadets
Mia Beck, Natalie Campbell, Rachel Haynes, Joelle McConnell, Gwyneth McIntyre, Samantha Paino, Paloma Vargas, Eutimia Woodside, Alyssa Wyman, Nathan Wyman

Jungle of Nool Citizens
Raya Alvarado, Lauren Dennis, Molly Hayes, Lily Marsella, Mikaela Perez, Lindsey Saffel, Kate Smith, Dakota Turzer, Brianna Wyman

Who Citizens
Tanner Barnes, Christopher Colmer, Mollie Comer, Jenna Day, Isabel Difani, Gayle Gilman, Annaka Guerrero, Sabrina Hinrichs, Andrea Leon, Delaney Smith, Kelly Williams




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