Theatre Resources


1. Dance Shoes & Leotards



Discount Dance Supply-The discount prices and selection are worth the drive. Off I-15 @ 4th Street exit north of Ontario Mills: 9359 Charles Smith Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga (909) 476-1448



2. Theatre Make Up


Basic Make Up Kit: Container, Student Makeup Kit, cotton balls, Q-tips, disposable sponge applications, 3 small spray bottles of rubbing alcohol/witch hazel/baby oil (put in a ziploc baggie), baby wipes (put in a ziploc baggie), Carmex lip balm, black mascara, mirror (big enough to see your face well), clips to pull hair away from face, eyebrow pencil sharpener, small crew sock for applying setting powder (Fun Corner sells these with the powder).

Other items that are very helpful in the Make Up Kit: Liquid Bandaid (to apply to facial cuts before applying foundation), eyelash curler, fake eyelashes/glue (teens only), additional eye pencils (for character makeup), unscented roll-on deodorant (for applying under foundation if you sweat heavily).

Other Necessities for the Make Up Kit on Performance Days: Toothbrush/toothpaste (Your fellow cast members will thank you!), deodorant (a fresh application before you put your costume on), comb/brushes, hair spray, wig cap, hair rubber bands, bobby pins, small scissors, emergency sewing kit, safety pins, “Throat Coat” (Herbal Tea for singers…excellent when you have a cold…purchase at Health Food Stores or Rite Aid).



3. Karaoke Tracks & Sheet Music


4. Examples of Performance Resumes